(Made with only Natural Ingredients, these Foot Detox Plaster are truly life-saving!)


Experience the comfort and the benefits of detoxification herbal premium detox pads. It contains a vinegar essence from bamboo tree. it is useful for treating infections and irritations

For hundreds of years, eastern medicine understood toxins traveled downwards in the body accumulating in the tips of our toes and ankles. They also understood that toxin accumulation lead to many degenerative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis were caused by acidic toxic fluids gathering around the joints.

In foot reflexology, the feet are considered channels to many vital organs, with over 60 acupuncture points on the soles of our feet. The foot pads contain natural ingredients which stimulate these acupuncture points through the combined action of wood/bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion emissions. This stimulation results in the breakdown of water and waste molecules that free blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Cleansing naturally begins in the soles of our feet.

Detox foot Pad or Plaster works by absorbing toxins from these acupressure points so that corresponding organs are:

• Release unwanted toxins
• Increase your energy level
• Reduce aches, pains, headaches, & tiredness
• Relieve stress
• Improve your metabolism
• Improve your blood circulation
• Totally discreet - Works while you sleep
• Simple and Easy to use


1. The detox foot patch absorb toxins and waste oil out from the vola, after using one night, you can see the foot patch become brown or black color. You can see the black oily toxins by your eyes!

2. Improve sleeping quality, relieve fatigue, help solve astriction problem, help solve halitosis, keep fit and slim.

3. Remove toxin, purify blood, clear body odour and foot odour.

4. Dispel internal moisture, relive stress on the foot and joint.

5. Replenish vital essence, activate cells, lighten your skin, and slow the aging process

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2 Packs (20 pieces) = 160ghc 

4 Packs (40 pieces) = 290ghc 

6 Packs (60 pieces) = 410ghc 


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    See what people are saying

    Michael: Thank God for Kinoki Foot Pads, I have been concerned about the toxic build up in my body ever since aliens abducted me six years ago. These little miracle pads took care of all the interplanetary....

    Mariam Dogo: Works beautifully! Left them on the first night and woke up with it being very dark, meaning toxins were being sucked out. To test if it was just reacting with the sweat from my foot, I wore them every night for a week. The patches got less darker every night, and I started to feel much more lighter and cleansed over the week..

    John: I Will Buy Again And Recommend. This product is very affordable and actually works. I used this product at night and woke up to the foot pads being completely black, meaning the product was successful at removing all my nasty toxins! I woke up feeling very refreshed!.